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Marathon Training and an unexpected complication

Last week, I began training for the London Marathon. It started with a run and ended in A&E. Marathon training with type 1 diabetes makes a difficult task not only more challenging, but potentially life threatening.  So let’s talk about what happened.. and a rare complication called EDKA (Euglycemic Diabetic Ketoacidosis). Background: I’m a massive fan … Continue reading Marathon Training and an unexpected complication

Failing exams and diagnosed with dyslexia… at 28 and during my second degree!

Aged 3, I had speech therapy because my words came out as gobbledegook. When I began to write, I would transcribe entire words backwards, and write my ticks back to front. I might've even convinced you that my name was 'nismaT'. When I would speak, I would mix up what I thought I’d heard. I would … Continue reading Failing exams and diagnosed with dyslexia… at 28 and during my second degree!

Week 2

So this weeks’ training took a bit of a nose dive. If you saw my second Vlog (in Week 1) you’ll have seen how much of a struggle Day 6 was… to the point where I was limping and had to catch the train home from work rather than run. Well, while the limp subsided … Continue reading Week 2

Week 1

Here’s a summary of Week 1 of Marathon Training. Vlogs of the week are at the bottom of the page. I’ve included my cycle commute to show any extra activity I’m doing on top of it, and also my total basal insulin (NovoRapid - Medtronic 640g pump) for the day just to show how it … Continue reading Week 1

The Funk

I built myself up for a cry today. I’ve been in a bit of a funk for a couple of days. I was all systems go throughout the exam season – and I actually managed to look after myself more so than the last - both physically and mentally. But the final two days were … Continue reading The Funk