Experiment #1: Splitting my basal insulin into two shots

This morning I woke up to a beautiful level:

08:30     4.6 mmol/L

4.6 mmol/L I took my Lantus half an hour later, as for the last couple of days I’ve been injecting it in two equal parts twice a day (6 units at 9pm and 6 units at 9am) because of Dr Bernstein’s opinion that ‘there is no 24-hour basal insulin’. This is based on the studies that have shown a 24 hour basal only lasts so long when the injected units are in higher doses, which has the detrimental effects of a diabetic needing to eat more often during the day to prevent a hypoglycaemic episode (I’ve noticed this every morning at work). Yesterday was my first full day on a split dose and I woke up at 5.1 after drinking more than a bottle of wine the night before, and while any other day would have seen my levels continue to drop, mine only dropped to 4.8 two hours later when I ate breakfast. Two hours after 3 eggs, bacon and mushrooms with no fast acting insulting I was 5.6, so I took a unit of NovaRapid to keep me within range. I’ve got my fingers crossed that splitting the dose has helped keep my levels even more tight. The only weird thing that’s happened recently is my need for Lantus has increased from 8 units to 12, which I think is quite a jump?! I also changed from disposable Lantus to a pen with cartridges and have noticed it doesn’t sting like before.

09:00     6 Units Lantus

11:30     3.8 mmol/L

Bacon, eggs, spinach and mushroomsInteresting! I just hit a 3.8 after 3 fasting hours after waking and taking my morning basal. maybe it’s too high now I’ve split it into two doses. I didn’t consume any fast acting glucose to correct because I felt completely fine and figured It must have been a slow fall so I finished making my bacon, eggs, spinach and mushroom and ate it as normal. I’ll see how I am in an hour and throughout the day to see if I need to re-assess my basal insulin. maybe it was just one of those unexplainable diabetes moments.

TODay’s BS range: 4.0-7.7 mMOL/L

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