Diabetic Problem #1: When your insulin pen fails

LantusSometimes, for no reason whatsoever, your insulin pen decides not to work.

Today is that day. My 3 week old ClickStar pen  for my Lantus cartridges just won’t work. I tried dismantling and reconstructing it, and changing the needle. Nothing. As it happens, my plan was to go to the Pharmacy in the morning, as they only had one Lantus cartridge available when I got mine, so I have one ‘owing’.

The next step I took was grabbing my previous disposable Lantus pen, which I saw was cloudy. Not good.

Luckily for me, I had one more sneaky little Lantus pen tucked away safely in my fridge. This one may or may not have been in the door of a fridge left open for hours, so my levels will tell how it dealt with that in the morning…

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