Experiment #3: Testing BS 90 minutes after eating

NovoRapidAs diabetics, we are told to test our blood sugar 2 hours postprandial (after meals). This is because of the rate of digestion combined with the activity level of the fast acting insulin we’ve taken to cover the carbohydrates (and protein) in our meal (I take NovaRapid before meals, whose onset is 10-20 minutes, the peak is 1-3 hours and the duration is 3-5 hours).

With NovaRapid, I find that it’s peak is at 2 hours. So it kinda makes sense to test at the 2 hour mark. However, I’ve started something new:

MySugrIf I’m really not sure of my carb count, or insulin amount, I’ll test 90 minutes after eating and injecting. Depending on the number, I can correct either way before I suffer a hyper or hypo at the 2 hour mark. This worked perfectly last night. I had a fillet of Salmon, Shirataki noodles (I had two servings which only amounts to 6g carbs!) and half an orange pepper. Obviously the carb count was low but according to my app, the protein count was high, which is why I still took 1.5 units of insulin. Because I was unsure, I tested 90 minutes later and was at 4.7 mmol/L…and dropping. I went and had a tablespoon of peanut butter, and found that balanced me out perfectly so I prevented a hypo… Yay!  

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