EXPERIMENT #4: Pretending I can eat carbs like a normal person

I’ve had beautiful blood glucose levels all week. Just look at my graph, staying pretty steady and within the safe lines.Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 17.35.50

Do you notice anything? Let’s me talk about Tuesday. Tuesday was a good day. We made the 5 hour round trip to Invercargill for my post-surgery follow up appointment. I’d had a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs and avocado, and the day had been alright. But then we made the long drive home and the decision to go for a curry as soon as we got back. We were so hungry. At the Indian, I made the decision to eat the naan bread with my curry, along with 2 spoons full of rice and some onion and spinach barges. ‘I’ll just cover for it all with insulin’. I said. ‘I’ll test before the 2 hour mark to check I’m not too high or too low’ I said. Well, this happened.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 17.19.24

My beautiful green dots were ruined. It took me 13.5 units of fast acting insulin, 8 hours, 7 finger pricks, 4 hours of abdominal pain, 3 injections and 2 middle of the night alarms to get me back into the healthy range.

The curry was lovely, by the way. And I don’t regret it. But look at the graph. Look at the insulin. Look at the effect of the carbs on my blood sugar and my stomach. Quite simply, they are not worth it.

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