Thriller in the Chiller: Day 2

‘Never give up and never be afraid of failure because otherwise you box yourself in and you limit yourself…You should be hungry to make your mark and you should be hungry to be seen and to be heard to have an effect out there. You have to think OUTside the box. Don’t be afraid to fail.’ (Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER)

Today we jogged, sprinted, lunged, squatted, sweated and panted. And then I realised that was only the warm-up.

Half of training was a fairly brutal 12 minute Tabata workout – 4 minutes of squats (20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds of rest), 4 minutes of push-ups, followed by 4 minutes of sit-ups. The aim was to fit in as many reps of each exercise as possible, and to remember the total number for future exercises. Tabata workouts are great for improving  your aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, V02 max (the amount of oxygen your body is capable of utilising in one minute) and your resting metabolic rate (the minimal rate of energy expenditure at rest).

The other half of training was focused on footwork – and the trainers had us bouncing on the balls of our feet with our hands by our cheeks to get used to the movement in the ring. It felt (and looked!) very odd but it was great to learn something new by great trainers.

Bring on day 3!

Thriller vs. Diabetes

Woke up again higher than I’d prefer – 6.6, but because the exercises were less intensive than the beep test sprints, my BG only raised to 8.1 after class. I left it 2 hours after exercise before taking insulin (at which stage I’d only fallen to 6.8). Hopefully following training days won’t spike me as high as day 1 either!

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