Week 2

So this weeks’ training took a bit of a nose dive. If you saw my second Vlog (in Week 1) you’ll have seen how much of a struggle Day 6 was… to the point where I was limping and had to catch the train home from work rather than run. Well, while the limp subsided and I was able to do 11.5 miles on Day 7, it came back this week. Every day I attempted to run this week resulted in me walking and limping. It’s not an injury.. it’s my shoes. They’re too old to be wear full stop, never mind attempting to marathon train in them. Because I now work in a specialist running shop… I would be mortified to see a person attempting to train in the shoes I’m attempting to train in. So rather than doing what I usually do and push on and be hard on myself, I’ve accepted that these shoes are no longer adequate for running in and I’ve listened to my feet and my legs and given them a break. On the plus side, I have finally received a mega discount code from a brand rep who visited work so I can now purchase some new shoes (Yay!) which I’m hoping will arrive tomorrow (Monday) so I can get right back out there. Yes I’ve lost miles this week but I would rather lose miles than run in bad shoes and cause myself an injury for overcompensating for their inadequacy.

Despite the severe reduction in running, however, this weeks cycling has increased to 106.9 miles (172km) because I cycle commuted every day (5 days) this week…so I’ve still been working those leg muscles, just at a much lower impact.. Also Day 10 saw my first complete rest day since the start of training (no cycling OR running!)

Here’s the summary:

Week 2: 2nd – 8th July

Total run: 16.2 M (26KM)

Total cycle: 106.9 M (172km)


Day 8 

  • Run: 3.6 M (4.8 KM)
  • Cycle: 21.1 M (34 KM)
  • Basal: 12.350 U

Day 9

  • Run: 4.4 M (7 KM)
  • Cycle: 23.3 M (37 KM)
  • Basal: 12.250 U

Day 10

  • Run: Rest Day
  • Cycle: Rest Day
  • Basal: 11.375

Day 11

  • Run: 8.1 M (13 KM)
  • Cycle: 20.4 M (32.8 KM)
  • Basal: 12.300 U

Day 12

  • Run: Rest Day
  • Cycle: 23 M (37 KM)
  • Basal: 15.925 U

Day 13

  • Run: Rest Day
  • Cycle: 18.9 M (30.4 KM)
  • Basal: 11.250 U

Day 14

  • Run: Rest Day
  • Cycle: Rest Day
  • Basal: 13.875

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