Alcohol and type 1 diabetes

Can you drink if you have type 1 diabetes? Yes! But if you choose to, it’s critically important that you take certain measures to ensure your safety. The combination of alcohol and diabetes is like boats and icebergs - it's possible to coexist but one wrong move and the results could be fatal. So here are a … Continue reading Alcohol and type 1 diabetes

The Funk

I built myself up for a cry today. I’ve been in a bit of a funk for a couple of days. I was all systems go throughout the exam season – and I actually managed to look after myself more so than the last - both physically and mentally. But the final two days were … Continue reading The Funk

EXPERIMENT #4: Pretending I can eat carbs like a normal person

I've had beautiful blood glucose levels all week. Just look at my graph, staying pretty steady and within the safe lines. Do you notice anything? Let's me talk about Tuesday. Tuesday was a good day. We made the 5 hour round trip to Invercargill for my post-surgery follow up appointment. I'd had a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs and avocado, and … Continue reading EXPERIMENT #4: Pretending I can eat carbs like a normal person