Week 1

Here’s a summary of Week 1 of Marathon Training. Vlogs of the week are at the bottom of the page. I’ve included my cycle commute to show any extra activity I’m doing on top of it, and also my total basal insulin (NovoRapid - Medtronic 640g pump) for the day just to show how it … Continue reading Week 1

How sprinting can treat a hypo

More often than not, I treat a hypo during my long runs by including a series of 10 second sprints into my run - usually 4 with short rests in between. Of course, I ALWAYS carry some form of glucose when I run and this is always the recommended treatment of a hypo. In addition, … Continue reading How sprinting can treat a hypo

The Funk

I built myself up for a cry today. I’ve been in a bit of a funk for a couple of days. I was all systems go throughout the exam season – and I actually managed to look after myself more so than the last - both physically and mentally. But the final two days were … Continue reading The Funk


Todays topic encourages us to spill the particular parts of diabetes that we would usually keep from the public sphere - the aspect of diabetes that we tend to keep to ourselves, away from our family, friends, and, well, the entire internet.  There is one aspect of diabetes I choose not to blog about. And that, … Continue reading Shh…