Coast to Coast… Day 3

I awoke on Wednesday morning with the same feeling you get the morning after something terrible has happened – that split second moment of consciousness where your brain acknowledges what’s happened, and you feel confusion and disbelief. That’s how I felt, waking up in a warm, dry, safe place on Wednesday morning.  As I slowly … Continue reading Coast to Coast… Day 3

The Coast to Coast…Day 2

Day 2 was the day I’d been dreading. It was the longest day of the week and the one with the highest elevation. When I’d originally plotted out the coast to coast route, I’d tried to divide the days as evenly as possible in miles. Because of accommodation issues, I ended up having a shorter … Continue reading The Coast to Coast…Day 2

Marathon Training and an unexpected complication

Last week, I began training for the London Marathon. It started with a run and ended in A&E. Marathon training with type 1 diabetes makes a difficult task not only more challenging, but potentially life threatening.  So let’s talk about what happened.. and a rare complication called EDKA (Euglycemic Diabetic Ketoacidosis). Background: I’m a massive fan … Continue reading Marathon Training and an unexpected complication